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For most people, family comes first. You likely do a lot for the sake of your family, such as seeking financial stability and taking care of your overall health. Since your family is important to you, West Michigan Chiropractic is here to help all residents of Portage and Kalamazoo to embrace preventive health care. With proper chiropractic care, your body’s ability to heal itself and fight off illness will significantly improve. This provides you and your family with good health and happiness for many years to come.

Chiropractic Care for Families

West Michigan Chiropractic serves family members of all ages guiding them toward their health goals. Our comprehensive assessment and evaluation examine each family member’s health history, problems, and goals.

Each family member receives a personalized plan regarding specific chiropractic care which aims to achieve their goals and meet their needs. Drs. Ryan and Sarah Malarney combined, bring years of experience together regarding spinal adjustments and wellness care for adults, newborns, seniors, children, teenagers, and more.

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Chiropractic for Children

Children can benefit from chiropractic care just as much as adults. Instilling good health and wellness in your child early-on can lead to success and optimal health as an adult. Plus, kids are always on the go. With a rough-and-tumble nature, many kids end up with spinal misalignments, also called subluxations. Infants may also experience subluxations due to being carried, the birthing process, and the way they sleep.

Chiropractic care is completely safe for children and infants. It’s very gentle and will guide your child toward wellness from a young age. By selecting specific chiropractic care for your kids, you set them on a path toward lifelong health where they can be proactive with their health and educated on how the body works.

Chiropractic for Seniors

Seniors can find many benefits in receiving preventive chiropractic care. With age, the bones, spinal discs, and tissues may become worn down leading to subluxations or spinal misalignments. Subluxations can cause nerve interference which can cause pain, discomfort, and dysfunction. Chiropractic care can prevent and reduce these issues through specific adjustments. It can contribute to you feeling years younger, as well as improve age-related health conditions, allowing you to lead a healthy and happy life well into your later years.

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If you’re in the Portage or Kalamazoo, Michigan areas, we can help you uncover the benefits of ongoing chiropractic for families. Contact West Michigan Chiropractic to schedule your consultation today.

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The driving power behind chiropractic care is ensuring that the central nervous system can communicate all necessary functions from the brain to the body. Torque release technique removes interference in this system, allowing the body to function optimally. Drs. Ryan and Sarah Malarney want to provide the best care for you and your family. Our mission is to become your Portage chiropractors, and it is our goal to see every person in the Kalamazoo area living their healthiest and best lives.

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