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Meet Dr. Ryan Malarney, Portage chiropractor, at West Michigan Chiropractic

Dr. Ryan Malarney

Owner / Chiropractor

Dr. Ryan Malarney grew up in Marine City, MI and received his bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University. After working in the corporate world he realized he wanted more. After much thought and deliberation, on one New Year’s Day he packed everything up and moved to Marietta, GA to start chiropractic school at Life University.

While Dr. Ryan began with the intention of being a sports chiropractor, he quickly learned about principled chiropractic care and how the nervous system is the most important part of the body. He began to understand that chiropractic not only helps with musculoskeletal issues but also helps to heal the body on a much deeper level, from the inside out. While the improvement of symptoms is important, long term optimal health is our ultimate goal at West Michigan Chiropractic. Dr. Ryan is extremely passionate about helping each and every person to reach their God-given health potential through specific chiropractic care. He spends the majority of his free time chasing his 3 young kids around and enjoys being active outside as much as possible.

Dr. Ryan’s top three favorite things are:
1. His three children George, William, and Sylvia
2. Dr. Sarah (obviously)
3. His 9-iron

Dr Sarah Malarney Portage Kalamazoo chiropractor

Dr. Sarah Malarney

Owner / Chiropractor

Dr. Sarah has always had a heart for helping others and found her niche in chiropractic. She battled over the decision of what she wanted to do for a profession for some time and was even pursuing a Masters in Marriage and Family therapy at one point. However, after moving to Atlanta, GA in 2008 she began her own Chiropractic journey and knew it was what she was called to do.  Being able to help people heal from the inside out without the use of drugs or surgery was especially appealing.

Dr. Sarah is especially passionate about helping and caring for children and pregnant moms. She is Webster certified and has attended over 150 additional course hours in Pediatric training through the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) while in Chiropractic school.

Dr. Sarah grew up in a small town in northern Wisconsin, Arbor Vitae. She has one brother and participated in cross country and choir throughout school. She met Ryan in the gross anatomy lab in chiropractic school at Life University in Atlanta, GA and they were married in 2012.  In the summer of 2014, when she was 6 months pregnant with George, they moved to Kalamazoo, MI and opened the practice in January of 2015.  Drs. Ryan and Sarah now have 3 children, George, William and Sylvia.  As a mom, wife and chiropractor, she absolutely loves serving her community in chiropractic and wellness. She frequently does health talks in the community and truly has a heart for helping kids start and remain healthy so they may become healthy adults. In her spare time, you will find her running, hanging out with her family or friends or gardening.

Chiropractic Assistant: Rylee

Rylee has been with us since February 2019. After successful completion of her year of training, Rylee is qualified to use our innovative technologies that we offer in our office. A few of her favorite things about WMC are the continued education, the practice members, and the team. She was born and raised here in Portage, MI. She genuinely loves every part of her job and it shows through her enthusiasm. It has been a pleasure to watch her grow with WMC. She enjoys her time off with friends, family, hiking, downtown restaurants, and dancing. Alongside chiropractic, she also has a passion for skincare, and one of her favorite ways to relax is a good facial. We are so thankful to have Rylee as a part of our team!
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The driving power behind chiropractic care is ensuring that the central nervous system can communicate all necessary functions from the brain to the body. Torque release technique removes interference in this system, allowing the body to function optimally. Drs. Ryan and Sarah Malarney want to provide the best care for you and your family. Our mission is to become your Portage chiropractors, and it is our goal to see every person in the Kalamazoo area living their healthiest and best lives.

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